Ian & Fiona Chick - Wedding Reception
Ham House - Surrey
Friday 27 August 2010


We were both absolutely blown away by the job you both did at our wedding in August.

We let you know the type of vibe that we wanted, our music don’ts and our general tastes, and you got it spot-on.  The set looked fantastic with the flames, and we LOVED the confetti cannons!  We’d actually forgotten about them on the night, so they were a great surprise to us when you shot them off.

You had to share the entertainment with our band, and we thought it was wonderful and extremely professional of you both to worked so well compromising when to play what, especially with the whole day running so late!

All the elders loved the classic tracks, and all of us late 20-somethings loved the old school jungle you played!  You’ll never know how much our group of friends enjoyed that!

To top it off you were both really lovely guys, always friendly and approachable, and we thoroughly enjoyed having you work with us to make our wedding day the total blast that it was.

To top it off, after the usual long and tiring journey after a holiday, or honeymoon in our case, we were absolutely delighted and immediately cheered up to find a copy of your DVD compilation, complete with some special songs and photos from the wedding sitting in our mailbox.  It was the first thing we put on when we got through the door, and we really did laugh out loud at the hilarious dancing and fond moments from the wedding.  Completely unexpected, and such a lovely thought.

We hope that business continues to go well for you both, and we will recommend you to anyone we know who requires a fabulous DJ for their entertainment.

All the best to you both
Love Fiona & Ian (Mr & Mrs Chick) xx

We can’t thank you enough, and we will be recommending you to any of our friends who are getting married in the London area.

Hope your business continues to thrive


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