Radlett - Herts
Tuesday 9th July 2013

 HI Jay,

Many thanks for your email and my apologies for the delayed response.

I wanted to thank you so much for the DVD you sent though. We had a look through and loved it, although the singing could have been a LOT better! I really liked the small touches with the film style 'Sachin and Komal' credits, the movie theme video frame and the movie songs playing behind the photos. It looks really good!

I will of course write a testimonial, we all had a great time and hope others get to do so as well.

Thanks a lot again Jay, and hope to be able to use you guys again!

Testimonial for event on Tuesday 9th July.

Following the recommendation of a friend of ours, we decided to book Jay and the team for a pre-wedding theme night we were holding at our house.

We were faced with the choice to just rent the karaoke machine or to also have Jay and the team come as well to man it. We chose the latter and this proved to be one of the best decisions of the wedding period! Not only did the team come up early to set up (and get roped into helping set up a few other things around the house!) but they managed the event superbly.

The theme was Hollywood-Bollywood movies and Jay had put a lot of thought into the background music being movie theme. Following this, when the karaoke started, they managed the crowd and the various requests effortlessly and professionally (200+ people), not easy task with my family!

Jay went the extra mile to throw in some extras in to the price charged, including taking photos and video clips, and this really made all the difference. They treated it as one of their own events, so much so that after take-down, we warmly welcomed Jay and the team to have a few beers and mingle with the family! We had a great time that night and owe a lot of that to all at SkyDJ.

I would strongly recommend them for any upcoming event you may have.

Email Received: - Sun 04/08/2013 23:11

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